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Mary Corbet is the creator behind ‘Needle N Thread’ a globally popular and very long-standing hand embroidery blog. It is very much the hub of her brand, and through it, Mary shares her beautiful hand embroidery designs and kits, embroidery ‘how-to’ videos and creates an informative and enjoyable stream of blog posts about all things hand embroidery.

We delve into the backstory of why and how Mary got started with her blog and some of the challenges along the way. 2020 was a challenge for us all, so as we get started with 2020, Mary shares her projects and plans for the coming year, and we both agree…. we are NOT Wonder Woman so why do we try to cram in so much into our lives???

Keep on scrolling for further details, links, related episodes you might like, a gallery of Mary’s art plus a PINNABLE image if you love inspiring others over on Pinterest.

Susan Weeks chats with Mary today on the Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast.

Mary Corbet Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

  • Planning the projects for the coming year
  • Starting a fun personal daily stitching challenge for 2021… with no plan in mind!
  • The logistical challenge of planning and delivering projects
  • Being surrounded by cross-stitch kits when she was a kid
  • Wondering how to research and see historic embroidery in the pre-internet days!
  • Discovering real silk threads
  • Eye opening moment on seeing the first issue of Inspirations magazine
  • The story behind creating a globally popular embroidery blog
  • Early videos and building an email list really helped the blog to take off
  • How to keep up with blogging after writing so many posts?
  • Building a fabulous community around Needle n Thread
  • The highlight which was such a big honour for Mary!
  • Ouch! a painful studio disaster…
  • “no unpicking” is the rule for my fun ‘no rules’ stitching project 🙂

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