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Catriona Baird is Textiles Curator at Paisley Museum, in Scotland, which celebrates it’s 150th anniversary on 11th April 2021.

Catriona shares the story of the Paisley pattern – that swirly floral stylised teardrop motif that pops up in so many designs and objects, as well as of course on the famous Paisley Shawls.

This is a story that brings together geography, history, fashion and textiles and gives a fabulous insight into early industrial textile production too.

In this episode of Stitchery Stories,

Catriona Baird chats with Susan Weeks around:

  • Her current research as part of the Paisley Museum Re-imagined Project
  • What is the Paisley Pattern
  • Where did the Paisley pattern originate
  • The history of Paisley as an important textile production centre
  • Making Paisley Shawls
  • The Jaquard Loom and making ‘point paper’ designs
  • Paisley Museum history & its collections
  • The types and styles of Paisley shawls
  • The first exhibition of Paisley shawls
  • The links with The Needlework Development Scheme
  • Investigating the museum collections
  • The museum re-development project

And we also make a CALLOUT

for interesting objects which feature the Paisley pattern and have an interesting story.

If you have an interesting Paisley object with an interesting story then please email a picture and the story to Catriona at the museum and she will be delighted.


For this episode…

View Links, information & Examples of the paisley pattern at




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