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A cheerful & inspiring episode as global listeners of Stitchery Stories textile art podcast share their stories of textile art enjoyment and creative joy from 2022. And, let’s not forget those ‘joy bringers’ who helped them in some way to achieve that joy.

Hello & Welcome to my final episode of 2022.

A recurring theme is how much comfort & joy creative activities bring us. Textile art enjoyment, fiddling with fabric & threads, embroidery, crafting, creating, knitting, crochet…. it’s an endless list of fun!

So I thought it would be lovely to hear your stories of creative JOY from 2022. But not only that, to give us an opportunity to hear about those people that helped create that joy for you – the JOY BRINGERS as I decided to call them.

A massive thank you to all of you who took the time to send in your JOY. To share your fun and enjoyment from textile art, embroidery and all your other crafty activities.

You are all STARS!

Scroll down for each contributor, with their links and also the details and links for their joy bringers.

I also sent out a quick question asking what your favourite techniques, and again got some lovely replies, so I have featured a selection of those too, which are along the same theme of joy and yet more shoutouts to others.

Please tell your friends about this episode, share on socials thru stories, or write your own post, maybe with an image of you busy making and creating whilst listening? We can bring joy to others by sharing what we love. And it’s always very much appreciated.

So as we wrap up 2022, I wish you all a creative and joyful 2023 Sue xxx

For this episode…

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All The Contributors To This Episode

Jacqui Beigie, Virginia, USA
supporting kindergarten classes with arts & crafts, at Wilderness Elementary School in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Bridget Carpenter, Whitstable, Kent, UK

Active member of The Profanity Embroidery Group Whitstable

Current group project, collaborating with Vanessa Marr’s Domestic Duster project

PEG episode on Stitchery Stories

Pauline Heywood
Longterm member, Regional leader & supporter of The Embroiderers’ Guild

Claire Mort
Creativity is as necessary as breathing, as is making joyful connections

Shout out OvoBloom aka Helen Wilde

Shout out to Ellie Ansell

Claire de Pourtales
Finding a little paradise within an amazing haberdashery store in Romont, Switzerland


The Atelier du Passe-Temps : Rue de l’Eglise, 73, Romont, Switzerland.


An oil painter falling in love with embroidery.
Shout out to these inspiring artists:

Charisma Chugani and Gimena Romero on Domestika


and last but not least https://www.instagram.com/stitcherystories_podcast

Arleen Dale

Enjoying finishing things off in 2022!
Multi-craft tutor with an online ‘school’

Christine Simpson, London UK

Getting started on some proper embroidery projects (after a long break) and using them to raise awareness of stammering.

supporting STAMMA www.stamma.org

Shout out to Lucy Burton https://www.instagram.com/freckle.doll

Ainee C Beland

Blogging about tea & activities involving tea

Jane Austen’s Embroidery by Jennie Batchelor and Alison Larkin.
Video book review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWqLEuosN4E
Alison Larkin Embroidery: https://alisonlarkinembroidery.com/
Lady Anne’s Needlework https://ladyannesneedlework.com/
The Crewel Work Company https://www.crewelwork.com/
Sarah Thursfield how to make a historic coif https://www.sarahthursfield.com/

Blog post: https://wp.me/p2d11i-xB

Jennie & Alison on Stitchery Stories:

Sue Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Attended in-person class with Embroiderers Association of Canada
“Stitch Your Own Story” with Mike Parr

Happy member of EAC-Virtual Threads
Embroiderers Association Of Canada

Natalie Tidy Lancashire, UK

Loving every second of Level 4 Knitting with the School of Stitched Textiles

Gail Cowley founder of SOST on Stitchery Stories

Saima Kaur, Yorkshire, UK

Created embroidery collection for Unpolished Space in Stow On The Wold, Gloucestershire, UK.
Theme of Indian fairgrounds : women swallowing swords, breathing fire and balancing on tightropes!



Saima Kaur on Stitchery Stories:

Barbara Legener San Antonio, Texas.

Enjoyed making many small mice & cats from patterns from Ann Wood

Shoutout to Ann Wood https://www.annwoodhandmade.com/

Jane Cook, Essex, UK

Hosts a therapeutic stitch group called Stitch to Enrich in Hatfield Peverel, Essex

Contact Jane for details: stitch2enrich@gmail.com

Also hosts ‘Stitch Meditation’ workshops in locations around Essex

Cas Holmes, Kent, UK
Thrilled to have carer support so she could attend in-person her own exhibition preview


Shoutout to Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum

Shoutout to Involve Kent supporting carers

Cas Holmes on Stitchery Stories

Jennie-maree Tempest, Australia

The joy of replicating 3d banksia flowers and seed cones using a variety of textile art techniques


Jennie-maree Tempest on Stitchery Stories

Jean, East Lothian, Scotland

Shoutout to ICHF (International Craft and Hobby Fair Ltd), based in Highcliffe, Dorset.
The joy of taking part in large competitions & the thrill of being exhibited


Catherine Lawes from Eastbourne, UK

Enjoying the changing creative direction into making handmade designer coats & jackets

Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CatherineLawes

Shoutout to artist photographer Ant Grant

Chris Fraser

Joyfully sums up the delights of creativity and the challenges of all those lovely fabrics, threads, books and tools!

Shoutout to North London Stitch and Textiles group:

Sandra McFarlane
Shoutout to online course from Ornamental Embroidery (Lynn Hulse and Nicola Jarvis)

Shoutout to Jenny Adin-Christie and making her ‘Owl’

Kaye Ruth Richards Grafton, New South Wales, Australia
Taking a break from the crochet she loves
The joy of getting back into patching quilting and connecting with an old friend to do so.

Paula MacGregor, UK
Loves making slow stitched books and has a facebook group focused on them.

Ozden Clow
textile art tutor and fan of Ottoman embroidery

Lee Harris
loves layering fabrics and burning back with soldering iron

Fiona Jeferies

Currently working on a Siddi style panel to transform scraps into pockets for a canvas bag.


Harriet Alonso, New York, USA

Loves feminist and progressive politically inspired textile art

Moya McCarthy, Prestatyn, North Wales

Enjoying ‘Calico Gardens’ techniques.
Shoutout to inspiring artists in this technique: Irene Coulthard, April Gilchrist, Angie Burt

Faye Cook
Loving all forms of craft, hand sewing, crochet & quilting

Thank you, once again, to everyone who contributed to this joyful episode!

Cheers, Sue xxx